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The form and details of Ukrainian women's clothing are very diverse. Such diversity was influenced by regional peculiarities and rich traditions of Ukrainian everyday and festive life. The peculiarity of the female costume is manifested in the cut of garments, and in the overall silhouette of the outfit, and in the composition of the costume parts. There is also a variety of color combinations, decorative finishes, ornaments.

The difference in costumes in the regions is explained by close communication with neighboring peoples, therefore in the north-western regions the Ukrainian women's costume has similar features with Polish national clothes, for Podolia some elements and ornaments resembling Moldavian motifs are characteristic. We can say that Polissya and the Middle Dnieper have preserved their historical ethnic Ukrainian style of clothing more. Their clothes are considered to be traditional Ukrainian.


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The basis of Ukrainian women's clothing is a shirt made of linen or other natural fabric, decorated with embroidery, so it is called embroidered or koshuly. Previously, it was a long shirt, which for the most part of Ukraine was sewn seamless. In Transcarpathia, the shirt was sewn from two parts: the lower part was made of a denser and more practical fabric, and the upper part of a thin and elegant.

Female vyshyvanki of the western regions were sewn with a collar, usually turn-down. In the eastern part of Ukraine they sew an older version of embroidered shirts - without a collar.

Embroidery is the main decoration of embroidery. It is adorned, by tradition, with the collar, sleeves and the underside of the shirt. Most of all embroidery on the sleeves: in the upper part or in the lower part. Sometimes the whole sleeve also expands. Over the embroidered shirt often worn no less beautiful vests or warm zhupany.

By the way a young woman wore embroidery, you could see if she was married. Unmarried girls wore embroideries with a colorfully embroidered hem on top of the skirt, girding the shirt with a beautiful belt. After the match, the bottom of the embroidered shirt was removed into the ponya - a skirt of a special cut from pieces of woolen fabric. There was even a special ceremony at the marriage, when the girl was wearing poneva over the embroidered.

Types of traditional skirts

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We can distinguish three main types of skirts, which are typical for the Ukrainian ethnic costume: derg, zapaska, plakhta.

As an everyday dress used reserve. It was rarely decorated with embroidery or any other decor. The stock was sewn from inexpensive woolen fabric of different shades of blue, red, green colors. The reserve was a piece of cloth, to the upper corners of which were sewn ribbons or thin belts to fix the reserve at the waist. At the same time, two spare parts of different colors were put on: one behind, the other in front. In such a skirt it was convenient to move and manage on the au pair.

For everyday wear it was used and pulling. She was jerking out of three pieces of black thick fabric. The length of the skirt-dergi is 60 - 70 centimeters, and the width is up to three meters. Three pieces of cloth tightly fit the figure of a woman, and on top, at the waist, connected by a wide soft girdle.

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On holidays Ukrainian women wore plaques as part of a smart suit. For plaits used woolen checkered fabric up to four meters long. Women from the most affluent families could afford to buy a platter for a snap or even brocade. They decorated such festive skirts with embroidery and braid of woolen and silk threads.

All the clothes were sewn and decorated by hand. The beauty of clothes could be judged not only about the wealth of the family, but also about the skill and diligence of a mistress or a young girl-the future bride. Therefore, over their clothes and clothes of their family, women worked almost all the time, free from economic concerns.


Very common in the Ukrainian ethnic dress belt. They used to tie the clothes around the waist and women and men. In addition to practical significance, they also had the function of guarding against evil forces and unkind people. For the festive costumes they sewed long, up to 4 meters, belts, which had to be wrapped around the waist several times. Fabrics for the belts were colorful, and both ends of the belt were decorated with beautiful long tassels. At the wedding, it was customary to gird a bride specially embroidered for a wedding towel.

Women's hats

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Women covered their heads with a handkerchief regardless of the weather. The rules of behavior of a married woman prescribed to carefully remove the hair under the headdress. Earlier it was impossible to meet a married woman without a scarf on the street, and even more so in the church.

The handkerchief was the most popular headdress in ukraine. Often, women used kibalka - a tight hoop, on which the hair was wound, as Ukrainian married women should not have braided braids. On top of such a hairstyle, he wore a purse, which tightly encircled his head and held his hair. Vysokop necessarily carried all married Ukrainians, taking off only at night or to wash their hair. On top of the purification they put on a beautiful multi-colored handkerchief, which everyone around saw already. Its ends are usually fastened above the forehead. Ukrainian women liked to wear bright colorful scarves on holidays, which were perfectly combined with richly embroidered clothes.

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For young girls as a festive headdress is characterized by a colorful wreath, woven from bright large flowers, taken from Ukrainian nature, and behind decorated with multi-colored elegant ribbons. Now such wreaths often make and from artificial flowers, observing national traditions. In addition to the wreaths, for girls there were many other headgear such as scarves, ribbons, hoops of metal wire with beautiful pendants and flowers and other jewelry for the head and hair that the girls did themselves. Hair girls did not need to be closed, so they could show the beauty of their braids - one or two, in which weaved colorful ribbons.

Female choboty

In the summer, women and girls preferred to walk barefoot, but in the cold or on holidays they wore leather chobot, which, in the main, was sewed by local craftsmen. Beautiful chobot had high bootlegs, instead of heels, metal horseshoes were used. Such shoes were comfortable and highly appreciated. The fine traditional gift of his son-in-law to his future mother-in-law was the red leather chobot.

Features of jewelry

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On ordinary weekdays Ukrainian women did not wear jewelry, but each of them had a considerable amount for holidays and visits to the church. The quality and cost of the ornaments characterized the prosperity of the family to which the girl or woman belonged. Expensive or not, but traditionally these were beads in several threads and ducats. The girls wore floral wreaths and numerous namastas on solemn occasions. Among the ornaments, coral beads are very popular, but they love Ukrainian women and colorful beads made of different materials.

Traditional women's clothing is still popular today. It may differ slightly from old clothes with new materials and a small mixture of regional features, but the main Ukrainian features are well preserved and are successfully used by modern women of fashion. Often you can see beautiful flower wreaths on the streets during the holidays on the girls, and elegant, well-embroidered embroideries are popular among women of any age.

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