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Payment, Shipping and Discount Terms:

1. We accept PayPal . We use Italian PayPal account, and we set payment buttons in English. But if you see payment page in Italian language and you cannot to read - please go directly to website and send money to describing the item(s) you ordering and include address for delivery. We will respond within 24 hours (because of time difference) with comfirmation of money receipt and will inform when we ship your item.
2. Our website is designed and tested on Firefox browser, so if you use Internet Explorer, Opera or Google Chrome and you cannot to pay - we recommend you to use Firefox or contact us so we will send you our PayPal money request.
3. We will accept Direct payment to our VISA Card (please request our payment details for direct payment to card).
4. We accept Bank wire transfer (for large and wholesale orders we offer up to 40% discount). If your order is large or wholesale please contact us for more info).
5.The cost of shipping tend to rise suddenly, but we do not charge anything above the postage costs, so if you need to pay extra, we will notify you by email. Or get in touch with us before buying.
Please note that the cost of sending Religious Wedding Icons is higher because of their high weight, so when buying icons, check that you paid the shipping costs correctly. The shipping costs for icons are indicated on their page in the product description, in order for you to pay correctly.

Shipping: We ship via registered Ukrainian Postal service Ukrposhta and EMS (EMS is more quick and more expensive).
For more details you may to check the Ukrainian "UkrPoshta" airmail website: EMS postal service and EMS website: EMS postal service

We will give you a better combined shipping rate if your order is large or wholesale. We guarantee that ordering from us you will pay an actual shipping costs dependent of weight of your parcel. Please note we provide the tracking information upon your request.

Discount: If your order is large or wholesale we give our very good discount on all goods, or you may to offer your amount which you are willing to pay. We will consider your order and accept your offers if we will consider it as favorable for us. Please send us an email with the list of goods you are buying and we will respond within 24 hours. Please contact us at
with any question, we will always respond within 24 hours.
Our goods: Dear customers, we are not a factory, our clothing is hand-embroidered, and due to our lowest prices we sell blouses and shirts from the first hands the goods directly from Embroideress who are located in Carpathian Mountains, so therefore each blouse could be of slightly different pattern of embroidery, as embroidery is a kind of art work, and Embroideress are artists, so they have rights to change the desing on their own judgment.
Please be respectful and grateful, because they work hard to create a unique fine product for you. After all, none of you will embroider by hand, to sell the high quality handmade product for such a low cost as you can to get from us.

We are located in Ukraine:
21050, Vinnitsa, p/o box 8188
tel. +38-067-960-71-26
Welcome to order from us!
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