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Vinnitsa Dancing Colored Fontain 3D

Vinnitsa's NEW Fountain is largest in Europe!
Ukraine is an amazing place to visit. For centuries, it has been influenced by both East and West, which has shaped its architecture, culture and economy. Our city where we invite you, in Vinnitsa, and it's really the best city in Ukraine.
In September 2011 in Vinnitsa was opened and updated waterfront Europe's largest light and music fountain, new 3D digital musical fountain.

In early autumn, residents and visitors Podolia were two pleasant events in one. The first was the opening of the renovated waterfront district in the Southern Bug on. Kemp. Results have been renovated and converted into 700 m shore, and 16.5 thousand square meters. m surrounding area. And if a half years ago, this place could hardly be called pleasant for walking, but now residents are waiting for well-groomed and lighted roadway, footpaths and playgrounds.

The second - and perhaps the most striking - the event was the opening of Europe's largest floating light and music fountain. Comparable to analog is a novelty except in Dubai. However, there Vinnytsia fountain bypassed their "brothers" because it is the only fountain, well equipped for open water, but not in an enclosed body of water.

Stare at the novelty attracted thousands of spectators (according to the organizers - as much as 70 000), "clinging" parapet waterfront and adjacent areas.

Finally, after a lengthy wait obviously, the main "hero" in the evening appeared before the assembled audience in all its glory.

Vinnitsa fountain - a unique engineering construction in Ukraine and beyond. The height of the central jet reaches 65-70 meters, the wheel expansion - about 140 meters, while the size of the formed water splashes and dust projection screen - about 16 to 45 meters.

Itself is equipped with a fountain on a floating platform about 95 meters in length, which is based on the canons of shipbuilding and is classified as a ship berth. He has 67 pumps for the fountain effect and another 30 for maintenance of ballast systems.

In the Fountain - 560 underwater lights that can change color in any way depending on the program show (the last until three: short, medium and long-term, which was shown to the audience). A total of 277 fountain nozzles (and, consequently, water jets), some of which are mounted in the moving system. And the fountain also uses water directly from rivers.

As expected, the show ended with fireworks.

The total cost of upgrading the waterfront and the fountain is more than 70 million USD. Moreover, all costs claimed Foundation Poroshenko, so the new card was the only city on the scale of socio-cultural project, implemented for the money the private investor.

However, the city said a businessman and MP in return. The whole event can be considered a holiday of Thanksgiving to one particular person. Moreover, the very embankment officially updated, to address the City Council of Deputies of Vinnitsa, has been named one of the most famous business projects of Petro Poroshenko.

Vinnitsa is an intelligent and friendly city. If you take a walk on the day following its cozy streets, not in a hurry, take a ride on the tram from Switzerland (incidentally, the only unique in Ukraine), visit the museum of the famous field surgeon Nikolai Pirogov and writer Michael heliolater Kotsyubinsky. Relax in the green public garden and park, which is hovering aura of calm and relaxation. You do not have to miss a minute! Sea of interesting events, concerts and, of course, a wonderful new FONTAIN ROSHEN - this is what you will appreciate the welcoming of Vinnitsa. Welcome to visit our city and we wish you a pleasant stay in Vinnitsa!

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